Team Nola Represents at No Problem Raceway!!

In this video we have team nola who are enjoying several win this year at the no prep series. This time team nola was in their backyard defending their turf against all racers. With team members that include Kye Kelley who has been a threat all year long winning key races to advance their team far this year. They also have Scott Taylor who brought out a new car that is a updated camaro that is procharged. Scott Taylor is in the top ten in points and can win any race at any time. We also included in the video jerry bird who drives the nitrous assisted probe that has come back from a crash earlier this season in florida. There are more racers to the team nola that include lizzy musi who has won several events aswell. The team consists of alot of fast racers that can upset the points standing at the last race of the season fastly approaching anything can happen. Check out the team in this video and for more no prep action cover follow our social medias at:


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