Team 405 in the Swamp!!

In this video we have team 405 who all season has been battling all the other teams for chance for a championship, money, and above all bragging rights to who is the no prep king of this season. The competition has been tough and with the 405 having a target on their back it is tough to get wins but the 405 would not quit trying to knock off the competition. In the video we have murder nova who all season has proved to be one of the fast team members in the 405. Murder nova is one car to be feared when pitted against him at any race and we also included doc in his stunt double car. Doc has had some bad luck all season with inserting a new car to the mix after a horrific crash. Doc drives a nitrous assisted firebird that has shown promise after outing. And finally we have another new car to the mix which is chuck’s 2nd amendment car. It looks like the death trap but is updated with some go fast goodies that makes this car faster. Together as a group this team is tough but only time will tell if the 405 will walk away with another championship. Check out the video and tell us on the comments section who you think will win the championship. Also, follow our social medias for more no prep action we cover at:


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  1. Chuck's old car looks the same as the new?? Doc why didn't you just go ProCharge like Scooters old car. Why is Shawn getting smacked around?? Why, why, why?

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