1. You gotta hate the idiot in the background saying…..”He crossed, he crossed the f….” Nobody gives a shit if he crossed as long as he’s all right! Who was dumb enough to start screaming that, somebody there should have punched whoever it was in the mouth when he said it!

  2. Test the tuners knowledge on different tunes to get down the track
    Ok I get it but why spend 100k on performance to be in a no prep race and can’t use all the hp and on top of that it’s dangerous as hell putting down 1000s of hp on a non prepped track surface

  3. Do all of you see what happens when your convinced you can steer it out .. what happens because of the moment he's trapped in is ONE BIG over correction after another one until the inevitable happens his steering inputs meets up with the Wall . End of steering inputs ..

  4. I didn't even watch the video what's the point of posting people's crashes so others can see other people's demise silly social media b*****

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