Street racers COLLIDE at over 100mph (505 Cash Days)

Once again, proper safety equipment prevails and another 505 Cash Days is in the books! This year we saw a big leap in quality of cars entered: 2,000hp GTR’s, Big Block/Big Tire cars, a couple of fast Vegas and lots more. We’re always thrilled to get a 30 car Cash Days wrapped up in one night, and this time was no different! Big thanks to the New Mexico guys for letting us in on the fun!

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  1. i believe kimbo should at least get that guy a 240 shell. already loose before the 60 and still decided not to lift. he made the decision to stay in it after getting out of the groove and ended up wrecking the guy.

  2. Man i wish we had this kind of stuff out here in Aus. Ik we do but its not recorded as much as it is in the states but the diversity in people that are racing as well as being such a good community makes street racing seem not so bad.

  3. I already thought that long hair dude was so damn cool, with letting you checkout under the hood and giving honest answers…
    But I thought he was even cooler as soon as I saw he was driving a wagon. 😎

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