Street Outlaws -vs- SOUTH TEXAS – Edinburg Dragway

Street Outlaws Chuck, Derek, and Mustang Mike do a little ‘No Time’ grudge racing against a few heavy hitter from South Texas at Edinburg Motorsports Park.


  1. I don't understand why someone would put a sbc in a mustang. If you are going to put a Chevy in a mustang at least do a bbc. That I can understand and respect. The only reason I could think of is if you had a sbc sitting around ready to go. (Chuck's mustang)

  2. I gotta say,Chuck has made me a believer,that fox body is one nasty customer on big tires. From what I hear he's no.1 on the okc list,can't say that I'm surprised. Good to see UH back at the track too!!

  3. Seems like the Deathtrap has some issues going straight. Come on Chuck, you can do better! Nice to see the Silver Unit again. I miss "gangsta-ass-Derek" on the show and his fights with Varley and his crew.

  4. is any body else glad to see some normal well kinda normal people making a life out of there street beaters .go chucky what was it he allways said (gonna whoop dat ass)

  5. I lived in the valley for years. mostly in the PSJA area but lived in Edcouch/Elsa for a while as well. I loved going to the drag strip but also enjoyed going to the races in McAllen as well.

  6. Looks like Chuck is lining up or being lined up in a bald spot and way too close to the center line to begin with. That thing runs though!

  7. Hey thats where my parents used to race sadly after having more kids racing took a backseat.I managed to snag my son (13) an 05 Mustang only V6 but I got it for $500 with zero problems Im not sure what we can do with a V6 though.

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