Street Outlaws Spin-off and What To Do Next With Betsy?

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  1. They did show my van on the team attack last night. But it wasn't racing. It was a drone view from above. It was in the parking lot and Justin was being towed to his pits and he goes by my van. It was barely able to be seen. Lol

  2. The fastest electric car goes 7 seconds on 1/4 mile, and the no prep kings would do low 6 or high 5 seconds on 1/4 mile, so electric car are no match for pro mods

  3. Get Betsy (working ).. figure out the issues that it has. You have a mismatch somewhere in your build. with the gearing that you have you should be able to light up your tires at will. I am sure that you will enjoy crusing around more with an interior in the car also although you say you prefer not to have one… you can also do a hemi swap๐Ÿ‘Œ

  4. I feel like what "makes a car," should really only matter in the streets. My opinion, I think it should be the original roof/ quarters, with the original Vin that came on it. The one that matches registration records. the orginal from the factory. As for track stuff, I think it truly shouldn't matter. As long as you pass tech at the track, then it's a none issue I feel. Since everyone agrees to the same rules upon entry, at the race track. At the end of the day, some see it this way, others see it that way. Never going to get everybody to agree perfectly on the guideline's.๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ Aslong as we see good racing, that's what matters most!! #TTVE

  5. Electric powered vehicles would go the way of turbine powered cars in NASCAR years ago. The fans wouldnt accept turbine engines because they were too quiet. Turbines could not duplicate the head thumping roar of Detroit V8s. Electric powered cars are very quiet. Justin Swanstrom had one for a short time and he even had a few grudge races i believe.

  6. I think that even better than America's list. They should change it to Street Kings and run it like no prep where is the tournament every week and the day before the unknown drivers can race their way in obviously with the points championship at the end. Otherwise America's loss is more dependable on the first round tip draw where is the no prep Kings if you messed up the first race you can still be number one

  7. I think if electric cars are in NPK there should be a rule that states they canโ€™t use a fuel powered generator to charge the batteries. (Solar or windmill) if youโ€™re electric be electric if you ainโ€™t be ainโ€™t!

  8. The chassis is no different than engin, power train, shocks/suspension or power adder.its part of the racing/ performance side..the body is the identifying aspect of the car…even if it wrecked rebuilt with new body as long as its the same make & model or same panels/ shell it has the same name,same car…new chassis is no different than new engine,transmission and rear-end. Its just a upgrade to go faster

  9. Sim let's get into me telling you during the live that Shawn was going to a new double framrail chassis and big block procharger..and most of yall saying no way..then I told yall I had a friend in the loop….you read my comment during the live and said "Doug Enzor says og going new double framrail chassis and big block procharger, says he has a friend in the loop.i guess we'll see" you followed up saying I don't there's noway he doesn't stay twin turbo because the npk car is twin turbo…if you really want to test me again the same source has told me some huge Ryan Martin news for npk 5

  10. Can we all just agree that she is talking about The OG Murder Nova? Idk why she has a problem with Shawns car. Who cares of its new or not?? Just worry about your own cars and not that his new/old car is going to outrun yours. Just do what you need to do to beat him and if its a new car then so be it

  11. Electric cars are trash I will never switch, plus batteries for them are the cheapest now then they will EVER be, the price only gets higher from here as they are not renewable or recyclable and the finite resources required to make them are 80% owned by china so that's a hard pass from me and no I dont ever want to see one in drag racing, how unexciting it would be to watch 2 electric cars, you would hope for a crash just so u could hear something

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