Street Outlaws Ryan Martin No Prep Kings (NPK) BTS Ep. 8

Street Outlaws star Ryan Martin and the Fireball Camaro official YouTube Channel.

See everything the Street Outlaws cameras missed on the streets, at No Prep Kings (NPK) and in the garage. Follow Ryan Martin as he takes on the best street and track racers in America.

Making some hits at Galot Motorsports, in preparation for the No Prep Kings at VMP (Virginia Motorsports Park). Check out some of what goes on while we’re on the road in between events!

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  1. You put in the work over and over that some just won't do.. This is why you guys win πŸ† a lot. Gotta respect a championship team that even after winning everything still outworks everyone out there. Well done guys and Good Luck!

  2. Steve Petty seems like the guy you'd talk to down at the local O'reillys and yet he's actually one of the drag racing legends of the game

    Ryan, thanks for showing us the real side of all this. You and Shawn are hands down the best drivers in NPK (Fuck NOLA)

  3. Y’all always putting in the work. And y’all are always on top of testing. Keep up the hard work it’s going to pay off. I love all of the 405.

  4. Man its funny to listen to Ryan talk about how its hard when you test and things don't work the way you want them to and you kind of get wasted data. We small tire no prep race and test every weekend that we aren't racing and man he couldn't be more spot on. It sucks when you've worked hard thinking that the changes you've made are going to show improvement and you end up slowing down or finding that it was the wrong change all together. Not to mention the money that we have to spend just for a day of testing. Always cool to hear how many similar problems we all face.

  5. Lighter cars get sketchier quicker and easier than heavy ones, but I get more warning in my light car. Heavy cars give you less warning and when shit goes sideways, it does it big time.

  6. I don't know why they're not required to have a blanket on that transmission. I remember when reaper's transmission broke and hit him in the face

  7. Dude I'm sorry you have to deal with all the guessing and jumping simply because others are unwilling to put in the work you do..but u still have points lead so keep racing clean and leave on green ..the world sees who the real men are

  8. I remember first seein the fireball on the show in the beginning and they were struggling not winnin shit so people should congradulate not hate they put in alot of work and it pays off at the track how can u hate on him for that

  9. To run at 2,750 lbs leads me to think your not running 36" tires and definitely not a lockup converter…I know nothing but I think with a 36" tire and a longer steel wheelie bar amd lockup you could take the weight penalty and strategically place it with a chassis/4 link & shock adjustments .you could seriously improve 60' and 330' times plus run much faster out the're going to need it down the stretch to become double champ especially with how all the other teams have seemingly come together with a plan of guessing on you to stop your dominance .but regardless be you and race off the green, let the world see them as the chicken shits

  10. Uuuhhh sir…sir you have a reverse light not working. That kinda shit will get ya pulled over on the streets! I haven't watched many track run videos. The ones I have seem like the steering wheel is kinda wobbly or is it just me? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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