Street Outlaws Ryan Martin No Prep Kings (NPK) BTS Ep. 3

Street Outlaws star Ryan Martin and the Fireball Camaro official YouTube Channel.

See everything the Street Outlaws cameras missed on the streets, at No Prep Kings (NPK) and in the garage. Follow Ryan Martin as he takes on the best street and track racers in America.

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  1. On the tv show America's list, why did you screw Jerry bird over and lie about what you guys said you were going to do? I think you made yourself look very grimy when you could of just outran Jerry again. You could of done it that night again so you could of still moved up in the same amount of days left… but you were unsure if you could beat jerry, tes your car is faster but he could jump and get ya easily if you chased. Idk I just think the stupid game playing and "teammate" helping isnt fair, then chief taking your side didnt look good either, you should of just ran him again instead of acting like Jerry didnt call you out, you should of took it like a man instead of a sneaky snake

  2. When y'all come to Virginia are y'all going to go to another track to test before you go to VMP? if so you should go to Richmond Dragway over by the Airport it is definitely a short track if you were to run 1/4 mile there is next to no stopping room at all but since you guys run 1/8th mile you shouldn't have a problem at all it's definitely a grassroots low budget track like in Byhalia but for a grassroots track alot of people prefer Richmond Dragway over VMP and that is because VMP was built on top of what used to be a swamp and when it gets really hot and humid water grains seeps up through the little cracks in the joints in between the slabs of concrete and it can make for a slick situation and just because of that the prep at Richmond Dragway seems to be alot better at times than over at VMP but ever since Richmond put the slab of concrete out to the 660 the tracks can be very similar at times so it can be beneficial if you book the test session ahead of time and let the guys there know what kind of prep you're looking for and they will try to do it but if you guys do go to Richmond before going to VMP I would like to know so I can come to the car show before the big race

  3. Man I wished I could've gotten in that day☹.. I'm less than an hour away.. I agree with somebody else this is where they should've just had the NPK event..Make OSW a stop on the next season please👍😁

  4. What in the world do some of these guys do for a living to afford all of this? I bring home around $70k a year after taxes and there is no way I could even afford a hauler, trailer and the fuel for the year to even get to a race let alone buy the race car even on a much smaller scale.

  5. Just need to ask if you have a hemi short or long block laying around I could sure use one mine dropped 2 valves lol just a shot in the dark

  6. Ryan let's get to work..maybe more mph,maybe Steve on board a few more races but losing to swan brat daddy's boy is tough…you thought about the liberty to be the first repeat champion…you're the king just go do what you do..

  7. Knocked his fan over and fucked up his door and just leave with a "good luck buddy" lmao. That's the kind of shit I would do, wish I could see his reaction when he see's this video🤣

  8. Man your a cool dude been following you for a long time. Like how you offer your help or stuff to other racers.

  9. I like you guys but I’m 100 percent a Chevrolet man so I can’t be rooting for you anymore which I’m sure you don’t give a shit

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