Street Outlaws Reaper Secret Project Revealed

We caught up with reaper after his big tire win at winter meltdown to talk about the yenko 2.0 plans. He was very clear what he wanted to use the orange camaro for the new year. We also took a visit to hpp performance shop. The shop is in garland,Texas and manage to walk in when reaper’s new project was barely painted. We uncovered the project to see what kind of car and plans for the car was for. We plan to show more new cars for the new year slowly as they are slowly being built right now. For more updates on anything no prep follow our social medias at:


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  1. HPP racing is one of the best in Texas. They built my friend wide body GT500. Car is flawless. 1000hp. They do an amazing job. I'd highly recommend there shop

  2. Reaper is keeping old school alive going small tire, Everything is high tech now days and it's to expensive on most guys to keep up with RVTW. Got to pick your battles for what makes you Happy in Racing, If the fun leaves it because your trying to do to much it becomes way to much pressure and work, The Goal is to have fun afterall, Racing cost a lot so you best be having fun if your doing it.

  3. Hopefully James doesn't let HPP touch that motor combo. From what I have seen they can't tune a fish for the track.

    Doc? Nope.
    Monza? Nope. He actually started talking to Ryan to help him tune his car.
    Eric Bain? Nope.
    Kayla Morton? Hot Mess Express is right.
    Shawn Wilhoit? Nope.

    HPP Racing seems like a nice enough group but it hasn't translated in to going rounds for NPK events. Event, and constant round, winners like Ryan, Chuck back in season 1 and 2, Chief, CHIEF?, Lutz, Murillo, Birdman, Larry Larson, Bruder Bros, The Axman Larry Roach, Big Money Muzi Racing w/Kye Kelley don't have HPP touching their race cars. Now, for the street that may be a different story.

  4. Like Reaper or not. He is spending his money on his own car. He's not asking anyone for anything he is doing his stuff on his own wallet how many of y'all are even racing or fixing your own daily driver. The man is doing good rite byhis self

  5. Reaper you are a great voice and prominent professional NoPrep racer to promote this style of dragracing , I can't wait to see you crush the field. You are one the best out there. I love your cars , I hope you stay racing , if you retire from NPK please stay on the street scene for us , we want to see you continue racing , good job sir

  6. You need subtitles with this guy! Hey Reaper, learn some new adjectives (those are describing words). Maybe you would sound a bit more educated……Juuuuuust say'n

  7. This guy!!! Got pissed!!! Cause he got spanked hard!!! At a big major race,,, He bounced,, And left his team!!! Who does that?? Chief, Gets whipped!! He stays with the whole crew no matter what!!!.. This guy not right in the head at all…..

  8. Reaper may not be one of the best drivers but he does have a eye for beautiful cars , he always has fast cars πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’€πŸ’€
    πŸ˜ˆπŸ–€β˜ β˜ πŸ‘βœŒβœŒ

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