Street Outlaws NPK Tucson 2021 Eric Kvilhaug has a bad wreck and hits the wall catching fire!🔥

StreetOutlaws no prep Kings Tucson Arizona Eric Kvilhaug it’s the wall I had over 150 mph and catches fire and his beautiful Corvette! Will he be able to return for the next race to hold his spot in the championship!#noprep #racecar #streetoutlaws #noprepkings #stevewilldoit #lookout #crash #fireefire #fire


  1. Yep everyone hits the wall around the 660 or 700. Keep it up. Money blown
    No worries they make bank to do nothing that builds the country back like infrastructure instead we got bitch Biden an his plan. We are screwed folks
    Have great day

  2. I bet his face is burnt up because these guys don’t wear fire socks, and I hope he knows that when your in fire you can’t breathe you gotta hold your breathe depending on how smart this guy is he may never race again fire suits only protect you for so long especially in a methanol fire

  3. Hate to see these hi dollar cars get destroyed! But this continuously happens when drivers don’t have the experience necessary! Old timers like Garlits & others have said before, it’s really easy when it’s a straight easy pass! But you find out who the real drivers are when the shit hits the fan! We are really lucky that these cars are fairly safe, with 3000+ horsepower in all of these!

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