Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Small Tire Recap

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  1. I don’t eat much while I’m working, when you’re hungry and working, it usually means you’re thirsty, drink water, when it’s hot and you’re sweating, drink gator aid so you don’t wash all of the electrolytes out of your body, when work is done, eat and relax.

  2. The diet deal is hard bud. I went on a 100% kito diet. I can have bacon, chicken, steaks, hamburger and all that. You can only have a max 30 carbs all day and 9 grams of sugar. I lost 33 lbs in 1 month. You are happy that's what matters.

  3. You done such a wonderful job Turbo. I think you had the Hate Tank covered on Saturday… I wish you hadn't went RED. I would have loved to see the outcome of Saturday IF. The biggest two letter word….

  4. Just wondering if you won any money. Not asking how much if any. Don't know how they pay the racers?

  5. He probably has a Hemi in the Tank. Never mind about the money question. I'm glad you got a little pay day. Your getting this No Prep figured out. Keep up the Good Work


  7. John Doc is going to the npk race see if you can work something out with him his hauler is a two car hauler John. I bet if you split the gas John would put your can in the hauler.

  8. so are you painting the new car spray bomb copper, or are you gonna put a nice paint job on it? for a guy being only 1 year off on a anniversary is pretty good!!! lol

  9. That’s why all racing horse jockey are so tiny Johnny Boy !!! Cause dem horseys tongues would be hanging out and probably getting some laps put on them at the derby. So yeah that 100lbs is worth about a tenth. Good luck but as for me I’d rather cut on the car than stop eatin my lil Debbie’s

  10. 46 aint old. Im 36 feeling like 56. Workin full time and working evening/ morning shifts with 3 kids at home, Love to go racing but my volvo amazon that i put a holley super sniper and gt25 turbo on probably wont be fast enough. Still fun though

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  12. Me and you both TJ on the weight,I am 46 also and it's hell to loose weight and keep it off brother. But anyways proud of y'all on runner up and keeping us small time racing guys proud

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