Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Season 3 Ohio

Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Season 3 Colorado at the 7th race of the season for the No Prep Kings filmed event.

This event was the big 40k race on Saturday September 21st and it had all the best no prep racers in the country going against each other for the cash prize of $40,000 and the points in the whole event.

Here is a list of car’s/drivers that you will see in this video: Big Chief, Monza, Bobby Ducote, Vixen, Axman, Kye Kelley, Dominator, Chuck Seitsinger, Disco Dean, Boosted Ego, Chuck 55, Giuseppe Gentile, Ryan Martin, Jeff Lutz, Kye Kelley, Lizzy Musi, and Amarillo Mike.

Thank you for watching, if you would like to see some more great Muscle Car videos click on this Playlist:


  1. Fireball!! It seems like yesterday Ryan was a dude on Jackie Knox's team. That's the first time I've seen Kye beat on a clean pass since Daddy Dave in the Sonoma.

  2. Tom, I love your content! Raw footage, no bullshit. Soo happy seeing Lizzy put Chief on the trailer. Ryan as always being a class act. Was Golden Kong and Larson not at this event?

  3. Great clip bro ….count down to Florida pretty excited to see these monsters in person..keep up the good work alot of us enjoy your clear clips pretty right on
    100 %…superman. ..Florida

  4. That was a class act for Ryan to give Kye the time he needed to race. That’s true sportsmanship. It’s just like how Ryan wouldn’t take an easy call out to get a first-pass bye. I am glad he’s doing so well. He doesn’t try to cut corners. Much deserved respect in my book.

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