Street Outlaws NO PREP KINGS READY!!! The BLACK SHEEP is ready for NO PREP!!!


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  1. Curious to see how the sidewall holds up. I’ve heard a few people say they only get 10-15 passes putting a slick on that wide of a wheel

  2. Is Zack driving the car this weekend or what John why are you having him set in the car and go over the start up process and everything?

  3. I swore he was about to drop jerry rigged afro engineered …ghetto rigged then tried bait Matt into it an he was like nahhhh haha call it (unconventional adapt an overcome. Engineering)

  4. Rev it, if you have some heat in it. Oil is abrasive when it is cold. Most every form of racing, all the cars are plugged up to generators for the block heaters, on the starting grid before the start.

  5. YOU CANT SEE! HE CANT SEE! I CANT SEE!!! ALL THAT MATTERS IS CANT THE FRICKEN HORSE SEE!! neeeext time. We wear the mask and go full regalia!!!

  6. I see why the neighbors call the law. I think I would be a little pissed if my neighbor was revving up their race car at 2:00 am.

  7. Why not rev it? Bro, you ARE putting miles on all of your parts. You're stressing them FFS. It's simple really.

    You are literally THE ONLY racer in the world who does that because everyone else knows there is no need to keep blasting your engine into 4000RPM other than you seem to like to chicken foot it. 10-15 times before every race you rev it to 3500-4000. That's a full fucking run only you're doing a second after you respond to the light and do a second run.

    Your parts keep failing. Maybe wonder if your behaviors are causing it?

  8. I love seeing Matt when you see him in a video you are going to learn something he is super smart and technical. I feel like I need to see that the more you know rainbow when I see him

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