Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Grudge Racing Colorado

This last weekend I went to Bandimere Speedway near Denver Colorado to watch the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Grudge Race against some of the fastest No Prep racers in the nation.
With the altitude being over 5,800 feet above sea level the racers are using this grudge racing session as a test and tune to figure out how to get the cars down the track the fastest in these conditions. With the low oxygen the turbo cars have to sit at the line and rev the engine to spool up the turbos and get full boost to launch off the line like they normally do. In doing this it really heats up the engine, turbo, and transmission more than it normally would and heat robs horsepower.
Some of the Street Outlaws drivers and cars you will see are Kamikaze, Bobby Ducote, Ryan Martin, Doc, Dominator, Amarillo Mike, Reaper, Monza, Jeff Lutz, Daddy Dave, Big Chief, Vixen, Mike Murillo, Kayla Morton, Larry Larson, Kye Kelley, and Lizzy Musi.

Thank you for watching, if you would like to see some more great Muscle Car videos click on this Playlist:


  1. This is actually where turbos have an even bigger advantage over nitrous and blower cars. You can run larger turbos to compensate for the decrease in air density. Or you can simply spool the turbos up to increase the impeller speed if the turbos are already bigger than necessary(which almost all of them always are) by adjusting the waste gate. At sea level is where nitrous and blower cars are on an even playing field. The less dense the air, the greater the advantage a turbo car has.

  2. Big Chief is the man.
    It’s really amazing how fast Big Chief has been while using the same old Pontiac engine he’s had since day one. I mean really everyone else upgraded engines and some changed engine setups more than once or twice.
    What’s even more amazing is when Big Chief was driving his Crow Mod and yes with the same old Pontiac engine he went something like 3.97 in the 8th mile.
    (“ And this past weekend Big Chief won the No Prep Race and $40K Dollar’s and once again with his same old Pontiac engine. “)
    And too top it all off Big Chief is a street racer and the #1 Car on the 405 top 10 list.

  3. Man did you notice in fireball/high voltage race that the almost left identical..stayed same space entire run and pulled chutes sweet looking run

  4. Big chief is the chief an always will be, without him street outlaws would never exist, he should be gettin dividends on all these fucks making millions of his behalf

  5. I love Bandimere and it's a part of my life. Haven't been for some time and it's going to be tough going back, but I will when I get one of my cars done. I worked there at the age of 16, have been many many times, just checking out how the weekend was. Thanks for showing.

  6. Oh yea, back then I had a 1969 Dart RT with a 340 I'd drive to work every day. Had big tires just like the purple one, or it seemed at the time. About the biggest tires you could get on a street car back then. I know, no employee racing even if it is your lunch break. lol I won of course. lol

  7. None of the drag-racing tracks I've seen have a line on the track marking the finish, which I assume is a quarter mile from the start. Why is that?

  8. I'm a big fan of drag racing, track or street. Have seen a lot of these on cable but a lot I have not.
    Street Outlaws are by far my favorites, from the 409 to all the teams they've come up against. I'm familiar with their cars.
    I wish I had pursued drag racing when I was much younger.
    Thanks for sharing TomEighty!!

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