Street Outlaws Monza vs Chuck at No Prep Kings Colorado

Street Outlaws Monza vs Chuck at No Prep Kings Colorado, during the filming of Street Outlaws No Prep Kings show.

Watch as your favorite Street Outlaws cast members are drag racing against each other and some of the fastest No Prep racers in the country. You will see Jeff Lutz – The 57, James Finney – Birdman, James Love – Doc, Eric Bain – Boosted Ego, Chuck Parker – Chuck 55, Jerry Johnson – Monza, Daddy Dave – Goliath 2.0, Vixen, Ryan Martin – Fireball Camaro, Chris Poncia – Red Ford Lightning, Chuck Seitsinger, Larry Larson, Mike Hensen – PlanB, Mike Murillo and Kayla Morton.

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  1. I wonder what is wrong with Monza. Its not like him to lose two in a row. And to a truck. Dang I would have lost money on that on. The red one. That's one fast lighting

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