Street Outlaws Mike Murillo -vs- Chuck Seitsinger at No Prep Kings Tucson

Street Outlaws Mike Murillo -vs- Chuck Seitsinger at No Prep Kings Tucson, see who wins this one!

Street Outlaws Diecast cars:

Street Outlaws Diecast Cars

Watch as your favorite Street Outlaws cast members are drag racing against each other and some of the fastest No Prep racers in the country at this filming of the Street Outlaws Live No Prep Kings season 2 event in Tucson Arizona. You will see Jeff Lutz – The 57, James Love – Doc, Eric Bain – Boosted Ego, Chuck Parker – Chuck 55, Jerry Johnson – Monza, Vixen, Ryan Martin – Fireball Camaro, Chuck Seitsinger, Larry Larson, Mike Hensen – PlanB, Kamikaze, Lizzy Musi, Mike Murillo and Kayla Morton.

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  1. Thank you for watching! Sorry ahead of time about the flickering in the video, I'm assuming Youtube messed it up when it did the compression of the video. It wasn't that way when I first uploaded it and viewed it. Sorry about that. If you would like to see more Street Outlaws videos, check out my playlist:

  2. Chuck does well against people that break or such. And then he runs into Larson.. he has no chance of beating Larson. Thanks for the video, always love your content.

  3. Thanks for the nice video! I can't stand Chuck, he's the race master but he is not impartial, far from it! The way he rides Doc all the time and is demeaning toward him to the crowd and the camera is horrible!
    Then, he doesn't know the rules of drag racing and how the timing system works. Regarding red lights he keeps saying, "first is worst". That's wrong it is, "first OR worst". Since he doesn't know the rules he keeps getting it wrong!

  4. Man I'm excited about this up and coming race season I cant wait to get out to the track to record, keep up the great work with your channel as I look forward to checking in on your videos as well!

  5. Mike cheat all the time .I could not be around him .if I ever see him I would make it where he never races again him are is gamg off babys.when I see him on street outlaw I have to change it. We in Alabama call him cry bady

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