Street Outlaws Kye Kelley Shocks Florida No Prep Kings!!

Kye Kelley once again proving to be the 405’s greatest threat as he entered Florida’s no prep kings event looking strong. Kye is really close on the points lead coming to this race which he had to do really well to be ahead on the number one spot heading to the season finale at Ennis, Texas . Can he pull off the upset like Texas has the past two years? Find out with this race to see how far he went and the finale in two weeks should be a nail bitter for sure. For more no prep racing coverage follow our social medias at:


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  1. Kye and Lizzy have got those 2 cars dialed in I watched Lizzy put it on Fireball at Gateway and now Kye taking one home for the 40K good job guys stay tuff and keep working as a team the big picture is right in front of either one of you so stay focused and keep the horses to the ground👍👍👍👍👍✌

  2. Awesome to see our back dragging ass and takin names he's the only one where Fame hasn't made him arrogant Like Chief and all the other ones hope you get the championship fuck 405

  3. Kye Kelly and Lizzy are a force to be reckoned with, with Pat behind them they will be hard to beat.Guarentee they'll have a bunch of weight thrown at them next season.

  4. daddy pat comes on board only after crying to discovery they're making him & lizzy look like shit not being able to get out the first round for 2 years.discovery says we'll add weight to all boost cars if you pat will come to the races.the deal is made.lizzy & cry now have much lighter cars and go over night from automatic 1st round outs to final 4 every's also helped the other couple of nos cars.I mean doc & Kelly blueblaugh have gone rounds multiple events.however through it all they are still outclassed & gunned by team fireball.going into Texas as all ways needing discoveries bull shit double point for competition event & a pile of luck to steal a championship from fireball..NOT THIS YEAR THOUGH..lets wait & see how much more weight the turbo teams have to carry so the notorious cars can continue..would it not be great if everyone could change with time & have the brain to move with technology instead of punishing those who do in order to keep the outdated alive 1 more day.

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