Street Outlaws Farmtruck vs AWD Turbo Truck & Twin Turbo Truck!

Farmtruck entered the truck class where he was the heaviest contestant out of all of them. But, the farmtruck put up a good fight with the surface that many people had trouble getting down. The first race he raced an awd turbo truck that sixty foots crazy. The second race he raced the legendary vicktoria twin turbo truck. Check out how well he does against these competitors and overall in the event. For more emp top end racing coverage follow our social medias at:



  1. You notice they try to keep the sign of the race track that there running on hiding but the camera man didn’t do a very good job this is not street they are on the run off of a track probably racing ac1/16 a mile, that’s not really fair at this point farm truck is a barely street legal pro mod, if it’s still street legal at all

  2. No betting against Farmtruck when he is dialed in!!! What we all want to see is….for Azn to pull that bad ass Chebby 2 out of the glass case he has it in and do some Street!!!!!

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