Street Outlaws Dominator’s New Car – Street Race Talk Episode 294

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  1. Is it possible that Dominator has secretly been building a NPK car so he can keep the other car on the street? Like you said he's a Mopar guy he would probably build something like a Superbird because it's very aerodynamic.

  2. Looks like an entirely new rolling shell that Dom is looking at purchasing and dropping all of his running gear and motor into it. It looks damn nice man. I'd love to see him with a new car that will make him competitive at the top again.

  3. Love your videos and content but for whatever reason your voice just grates my ears. Might be your recording equipment or I need better audio equipment on my end.

  4. Not knowing the rule book I would think it Cheif's spoiler is not legal for NPK then adding a nose cone to something that didn't have it wouldn't be legal too. I wouldn't be surprised if Dominator comes out with a B body just for NPK based on that thought.

  5. Well he finally did it. Dominator it's about time you're looking into something different that could. Hopefully it will go straight and true.

  6. I don’t think you have to have anybody ask Dominator for you. I believe you have gained enough respect with the 405 if you ask and he don’t do it. I don’t think Big Chief will help any

  7. Does Dave still have the orange and black Malibu. I think it was a small tire car. Could he convert that into a no prep car, or did he sell that?

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