Street Outlaws Doc's New Car The Stunt Double!!!

In this video we traveled to hebron, ohio to the no prep kings event held at the national trail raceway. In this event we saw doc bring out his new car named the stunt double. Doc did not bring the street beast because it was crashed during an episode of street outlaws recently and doc built this car quick for the no prep kings circuit. Doc was struggling with the new car as he had to learn it in a very short amount of time. He had a grudge race with daddy dave in the first day of racing. Then the next day doc raced a couple of more fast cars as he entered the outlaw big tire class. Doc was looking to get a handle of the new car as the car went left and then popping mid track wheelies. No matter what, we know doc will get it right and it was great to see him out racing again.
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  1. so did dave switch from a pl 481x to a pl hemi, or just from turbo to procharger? Im really getting tired of those procharged hemis everyone is running, may as well call it battle of the $80,000 hemis. though the 481x is pretty close in price, and popularity

  2. Nitrous cars at that level are a relic !! What a waste . They’re great but pro charged blown and turbos have far exceeded what a nitrous car can do . They just don’t have that competitive edge that’s needed for no prep . You canr get really control them like turbo or blower cars . The window of tuning on a nitrous car is just narrow . Nitrous is for bracket cars. They’re always falling on their face and always getting big ended . They can’t 60 foot hard enough to get out enough on a blown or turbo car and not be drove around . Why spend so much money banking on the 60 foot ?????

  3. Looks like Doc hasent missed a beat.Still losing races.I think he should give it up and keep some of that money he wastes in his family.

  4. Notice how many nitrous cars have won a main event in the past 3-6 months? Zero because these turbo and supercharger cars are dominating so nitrous is only good for lighting turbos up or for holding dome pressure.

  5. It should be called “The Rebound”. The love of his life got away from him so he got himself in the first piece he could. Nice car though anyway though.

  6. Doc pulled that diesel off the line then his engine decided to go rouge and turn into a rocket and spaceship !) Once that feeder is dialed in , untouchable. NOS untouchable atmosphere 💥

  7. Daddy Dave's car & Docs cars are from 2 ends of the spectrum. Daddy Dave's is as subtle as a sledge hammer, while Docs is as smooth & clean as a scalpel. Both beasts. Can't wait for Doc to get the car sorted, it'll be a real weapon.

  8. After watching this TV program I have come to the conclusion Doc is the most uncertain of all the racers from the 405. You never know at any time which doc shows up at the line, not very consistent and you can't win races that way.

  9. thanks for telling which side wins most stoners dont say and without a board to see the times we don't know who wins good luck will be subing this stream

  10. Sonny has invented a engine over 1,000 thousand cubic inch. Everything special made. Pump Gas 1650 Horsepower. Race gas 2150 Horsepower. Sunny Leonard is known for big cubic inch big horsepower. I would imagine it is not a overnight thing, to be able to plant that Horsepower. Very Nice Doc. Wish you the BEST. May JESUS look over you and keep you safe.

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