Street Outlaws Daddy Dave vs Larry Larson at Armageddon No Prep 2019

Daddy Dave races Larry Larson at Armageddon no prep 2019. They had some good test hits and looked to be top contenders in the field. The race between them didn’t go as expected but who do you all think would win if they raced again? Let us know in the comments section but for now enjoy their cars in this video. For more Armageddon no prep coverage follow our social medias at:


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  1. Those long ass burnouts are fucking stupid by the time you back up and are staged your tires have lost there heat which is what gives you a good launch and keeps your straight on the run ( also know as a hit by you millennial fucks ) and they fuck around so long the tires are definitely cold by the time they launch that’s why they get wild on the big end

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