Street Outlaws Daddy Dave Calls Out Big Chief at No Prep Kings Texas

Daddy Dave calls out big chief in the first round of the main class at no prep kings in ennis, texas. Both of them don’t want to lose first round of the finale of no prep kings and looked to be a good matchup but anything can happen on a no prep surface. We also threw in Daddy Dave’s grudge races as well which included some fast cars. For more no prep racing coverage follow our social medias at:


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  1. Seems like Dave and Chief always have mind fuck games bumping in. I'm not sure if they did any of that this time but once a guy fucks with you at the line you never forget, and you can over think your race strategy. Sometimes it does a driver good to be in that "fuck it I'm gonna send it" mood. It relaxes you enough to shake off jitters.

  2. Natalie where’s the “proof” or what makes you think it was a call out? They could have drawn one another. The announcer said Dave hadn’t been running too well. We all know from watching the show the weak cars are calling the ones with most points out so they are for sure to advance to the next round. I don’t see where anyone was called out. I hate that the race hasn’t aired and you don’t listen when you go to the track and film this shit. They explicitly ask you to not make it public and you acknowledge that you understand that you are “stealing” if you film this and air it public.

  3. 0-:30…its safe to say that.because of her behavior we don't have to speculate if that is a bong hit cloud (or any other tool for the jobs cloud) in the vehicle or not…that question has already been answered…

  4. Daddy Dave is the better driver…..BC and DD could switch cars and DD could beat him. Dave has better adaptability and killer reflexes, plus he will blow the car up before losing.

  5. Great videos I love all your content..but that question at 7:34 "who do you think wins more against each other beig chief or daddy dave" is kind of a no brainer…chief openly says that Dave has had his number since they were teenagers. Chief says on his old podcast with murder nova that Dave says things too get into chief head and chief doesn't even notice at the time but Dave says tricky slick things and chief doesn't even realize until the race is over. Chief says Dave has had his number alot since they were teens. Chief said how Dave has always been able to get into peoples heads before they line up at the starting line..Dave makes near perfect passes against chief most time..very similar too murder nova and monza they make insane passes when lined up together.

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