Street Outlaws Daddy Dave at Ohio No Prep Kings

Daddy Dave has been struggling entering the ohio no prep kings at Norwalk, Ohio Summit motorsports park. Even though Daddy Dave didn’t fair well in the main class he ended up going to the finals in the outlaw big tire class showing dominance. When Daddy Dave has goliath rolling it definitely rolls!
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  1. Davey the Worm was lucky to make round 2, but he couldn't get any farther. Tgis yr he aint done shit. He done a hell of a lot better with the F3. That is what you get talking shit about turbos cars. The supercharger cars are getting down making big power Kayla, Larry, James and them. I mean shit first round Larry was out on Ryan all the way until right at the end, Larry's car got upset and Ryan still only edged him out by a nose. Give it up Dave go back and don't look back.

  2. I like those care I need a used rolling car if there is one out there I would like to see one in Georgia I am in savannah ga.. 9124865319 any time thanks

  3. I've always known Dave to be THE GUY TO BEAT. It seems like the Sonoma was the reason he was feared by many. Now it's like he's just one of the top ten guys. I don't know what you gotto do Dave, but you're a superb driver and you need to be feared by everyone again. Time to find the best airstream car for drag racing if you wanna win.

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