Street Outlaws Chuck vs Birdman No Prep Kings Maple Grove Raceway

Street Outlaws Chuck vs Birdman at No Prep Kings in Maple Grove Raceway Pennsylvania. Watch as these two great No Prep drag racers compete against themselves and a list of the greatest No Prep Racers in the Nation during the filming of No Prep Kings Season 2.

Some other great racers that you will No Prep Racing in this video are: Larry Larson, Brent Austin – Megalodon, Ryan Martin – Fireball Camaro, Chris Day – Kamikaze, Joe Woods – Dominator, Jerry Johnson – Monza, Shawn Willhoit – Mistress, Jerry Bird, James Love – Doc- Street Beast, Chuck Seitsinger, James Finney – Birdman, James Goad – Reaper, Chuck Parker – Chuck 55, and Jeff Lutz – The 55.

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  1. Great video man…that race between chuck and birdman was awesome…ol chucky whooped up on em a little ๐Ÿ˜‚ …Larson was the man to beat though,…as usual lol

  2. idgaf wat ppl say. I love Reaper. Say what u want hes obviously a lot more focused and talented driver then ppl think. Theyve had them cars dialed in finally n hes kickin ass n taking names. good 4him. glad 2c it

  3. Another excellent video Tom80, personally I was glad to see Chuck rip 'em a new one. He's a talented and VERY quick off the line driver and an excellent builder,, a force for any to recon with whether or not some dislike him. If he got into it with Reaper,, chaulk it up to two very quick tempered competetors. Building and maintaining cars at the level these guys are, with very limited sponsorship is high stress competition. It doesn't take much for any of them to loose it now and then.

  4. OMG! Just saw Chuck recover what sure as hell was a wreck! A lesser skilled driver would most likely have been collecting pieces of their hotrod off that right lane wall.. Good on ya Chuck!

  5. Ohh YEAH!! Lizzy gave Ryan all he wanted didn't she! Those Pat Musi engines have been putting some serious power to the track for many, many years. Ever since Pat first came to public knowledge in the NMCA days in his rapid black and white '55 Chev door slammer in the early 80's.

  6. Kamakazie, Kayla and Dominator are awesome owner, builder, drivers and one day we hope they get the recognition they deserve. That wheels up run Dominator put down was SAWEEET!!

  7. Great video Tom, thanks! Dominator with his wheels up charges down the track are the coolest to watch! He should win based on style points! I'm glad to see Chuck lose, he should not be race master and be in the race!

  8. Wow! That was an awesome pass Chuck put down on Birdman! Wheelie and all! Love to see the Oklahoma boys doing well at these track races! Cept Reaper the cheater. Great vid Tom๐Ÿ‘

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