Street Outlaws BoostedGT New Paint Job at No Prep Kings Texas

Boostedgt has had a couple of mishaps in the orange mustang but has not stopped him for continuing to race it. In this video you can see he got a fresh new coat of paint on it with gt500 stripes. Boostedgt did the race your way in but fell a little short so he entered the small tire class and went up against one of the legends of small tire flaco out of Houston, Texas . It was a good matchup so check out the latest no prep racing coverage we do on our social medias:


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  1. This week on the National No Prep Racing Association’s YouTube channel while in route to bar Natalie reveals that “Mrs Boosted GT” car no longer look like a high school kid’s project car. That right just in time for Halloween Boosted GT’s Mustang once again looks like the “Great Pumpkin” or is it “Cinderella’s Carriage.” The mystery question is did he take it to “Earl Scheib’s” or “Macco” to get his his car painted and how long before he hits a wall again and “The Great “Pumpkin” Mustang turns from the shiny carriage back into the high school kid project car again.

  2. Love you Videos!! Buy please clean the lens on the camera you walk through the pits with, there’s a constant black smudge just off center.
    Don’t be mad, everything else is very entertaining!

    Where can I get a national no prep t-shirt?

  3. Get this freaking horrible person off the air don't know why she's on it or who she's fucking to get on this podcast but it's getting destroyed get her off and medially

  4. Go back to the old style video!!! All this taking y'all do before the video has ruined the channel. I'm sure it shows in your analytics. I'm not being mean but the old videos were better and to the point.

  5. Nat said watch the video and comment what we think. Well I think he should have spent the money on performance, instead of a paint job. He's old news like a few of the others are getting to be.

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