Street Outlaws Big Chief in the Final No Prep Race at Texas

Big Chief heads into the finale of no prep kings in Ennis, Texxas looking for one more win before the season ends. The crow has been looking fairly strong and joined a short list of racers who have actually won a no prep kings event recently. Can Chief pull out more win before the season ends? Check out the video and see for yourself. For more no prep racing coverage follow our social medias at:


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  1. chief is a joke always has been if it wasn't for SO nobody would even know him anybody who tucks theyre ears in there hat is a dildo just like him

  2. Big Chief winning with a Pontiac Motor is like racing LS cars with a Flathead Ford. He is a HUGE UNDERDOG. The true Spirit of a Hot Rodder. He is taking a motor that designed to run heavy stock cars down the road at low rpm and Rodding it into a Racecar.

  3. Did anyone else notice the quarter panel paint damage during the race with Mike Murillo? Looks like the second hit on the wheelie bars shook some body filler loose.

  4. Keep on rocking chief, forget about the haters, and what's up with the new street outlaw's, you can't claim fastest in America without competing with the 405!

  5. Love or hate-em Chiefs one hell of a Tuner and I believe that's why Shawn hasn't been winning consistently since him and Chief split up because Chief used to help tune the Murder Nova.

  6. If you pull up to the line and decide to make yourself a sandwich 🥪 Big Chief probably isn't the guy you want sitting next to you!! He chops down trees like his name was Big Chief Bunyan so you better have your balls screwed on tight and quit making sandwiches!! U got mayonnaise on the steering g wheel!!!hahahahah

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