Street Outlaws Big Chief in Norwalk, Ohio No Prep Kings!!

Big Chief entered the summit motorsports park no prep kings in Norwalk, ohio after a big win in Colorado. Big Chief had momentum going into this event and definitely showed he has what it takes to win the series. In this video we show his grudge matches against racers like mike murillo, robin Roberts, and his rounds runs as well. Do you all think he has what it takes to be a no prep king? Let us know your what you think and why. For more no prep racing coverage we film follow our social medias at:


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  1. I was looking for you Friday and Saturday and never seen you. Just the camera crews. What a good time, just felt bad for boosted and mostly Justin In aftermath. That crash was violent but kudos to fireball for taking the win over Kye Kelly in the finals!!

  2. Anyone wanna take bets that the 55 2.0 will get some sort of boosted power plant?

    Who wants to bet it will be screw or roots blown paying homage to the original 55?

    It'll happen when he's tired of that nitrous setup. Mark my words..

  3. I swear people aint happy unless there bitching about something. First people wanna bitch how Mr Mike OC did it. He puts Natalie on and now they wanna bitch about her and how it's done.
    Another good video from you guys. I was pissed Dominator called out Cheif broke then Chuck gets called out 1st round by a broke car. They could of made Chief and Chuck race each other 1st round so people are seeing racing not a free solo ride in to 2nd round. I am not a Chief fan but he can make a car go down the track. He just aint fast enough. I knew cheif winning Colorado was a miracle because before that he done nothing then Ohio 2nd round actual race unlike free 1st round and Lizzy ran out of his life. Keep up with the good videos. I will keep watching to support even though I know everything that went on at the time it happened.

  4. Hola como estas? Te quería preguntar si cuando corren estos pilotos en estos eventos, si se transmiten en vivo en algún sitio web donde suscribirme o si se transmiten en televisión ahí si se puede ver en directo, .. Yo soy de Argentina y soy un fans de ellos, .. Espero tu respuesta, un abrazo grande!

  5. Like the channel, lose the girl! You don't have to be on camera to have this type of audio. You can say this while running some footage getting set up for your video.

  6. Big Chief is the man.. fastest street car in the world. Then he comes to No Prep. Which I was against at first. Cause I know Chief is STREET to the core/ heart. I mean cmon he comes to No Prep and wins in just a couple episodes. With the same set-up since 2012. Butler…. Name all the names that have been racing at No Prep since season 1.. that haven’t won. A lot of BIG NAMES. On top of everyone that’s gone to the big huge motors. But you still can’t beat the master tuner. #MEATYOUTHERE #STREET #THEREALOG. #BUTLERPERFORMACE

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