Street Outlaws Big Chief Called Out by Tuff Enuff

Street Outlaws Big Chief Called Out by Tuff Enuff to race his Jet car against Big Chiefs GTO on the street.

$5,000 is on the line to make this race happen if Street Outlaws Big Chief wants to step up and take on Tuff Enuff who has taken out the Street Outlaws Daddy Dave twice so far.

Now Tuff wants the next number one on the OKC Street Outlaws top ten list.


  1. I may not have a car right now but at least I'm not a big mouth like you calling out somebody with your jet car grow some f**** balls and actually build the car to compete don't be a big mouth on the internet

  2. I had to stop watching when he called an external combustion engine a "big turbo" shows how dumb he really is.

  3. This whole thing is so stupid .
    Tuff race chief with your Nova .
    You already bead Daddy Dave twice one one the street then at the track if you do beat chief with the Jet car i will be like so what what did you expect.
    Like i said race chief with your Nova if you beat him with the Nova you can say i beat two of the top guys in the 405 .

  4. This guy is so desperate just stop I wouldn't give him time unless he races Dave on the street again not a track race and that's not a car a car has a drive line that doesn't it's basically a jet that doesn't fly

  5. Yea this is stupid on so many levels. 1st taking a jet funny car to a street race?! Really? 2nd, its a cowards race as a jet doesnt worry about traction so they would hope for a terrible street, 3rd, no one cares about you racing an exhibition vehicle. Get the Nova out to some of the big No Prep races and prove yourself.

  6. Big cheif stretches the street car a little far. Especially when he went with pro mods and top sportsman composite body's. But now a radical street car steel roof and quarters and low 4 second street cars some what street cars now anyways this jet pro mod car is the furthest thing from a street car. This is pretty much like me talking shit to cheif and wanting to race him with my dragster or funny car smh.

  7. This dude is the biggest clown in drag racing! As many have said over and over again but it’s like the dude is some kind of nasty ass rash that keeps coming back!! You shake a man’s hand on National tv and then run from it, just an FYI to the dude you are known from coast to coast as a clown show who bitched out of a race with Dave who is a well known racer so if you want even the slightest chance then keep Chief out of your mouth until you give Dave the $10k race!! But that was season 1 and they are own season 12 or 13 so good luck chump!

  8. This guy is a joke. This guy is telling me it’s taking him a jet engine to take down big chief ?? Go race the thrust ssc or the blood hound those are ran buy jet engine go look them up

  9. TUFF what the hell are you smoking or drinking your brain must not be functioning what year model did that car come out with that type of engine for the highway fill me in on that that's not even close and does yours to have the VIN number hahaha

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