Street Outlaws Big Chief at Idaho No Prep Kings!!

Big Chief takes the crow to the no prep kings to the firebird raceway in Idaho. Big Chief had a strong showing and went up against some really fast cars and made some really close races. Big Chief is showing he can no prep just like the rest of the 405.

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  1. He won cause she crossed the line. 😂😂😂 he should’ve lost period. ADD kicked in and was looking at the butterflies, that’s why he was dumbfounded at the tree, just sat there.

  2. Would've been nice to see the slow motion finish line replay! Still, hell of a good race!!!! All final races should be running that close!!! I absolutely love both cars and driver's. Wished they only list raced, and different city callouts. 405 vs 405… who won? The 405!!!

  3. Can someone explain to me why when you have this kind of horsepower available , why not take advantage of all of it on a prepped surface . I've been a Drag Racing fan for 53 years and this along with 1/8 mile racing just sucks . 1320 Run what you brung WFO . The worse thing that can happen in a drag race is to lose traction , so why race on a surface where this is sure to happen ? What was controversial about her lose , this is a long standing rule , cross the centerline you lose , tag the wall you lose . Imagine what these cars could do on a prepped surface in a 1/4 . I'm sorry but 1/8 mile just sucks

  4. The power of the big block barely had enough distance, to prove its power advantage had it been a quarter mile the gap would've been more significant. The bigger the crank, rods, pistons, wristpins, valvetraim the harder it is to create delta v on those components, Inertia, bigger objects on a macroscopic scale want to stand still and resist acceleration, that's why some use smallblocks.

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