Street Outlaws BEFORE the TV show – OG Cash Days (#4)

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The “Street Outlaws” have been at it since WAY before the TV show came about. Here’s some never before seen content (to the internet) from 2007 of the boys throwing down in a classic match of “Texas vs Oklahoma”!
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  1. @1:09:35 the camera man just casually says under his breathe to nobody in particular and without worry “cops are here, or atleast their comin” .. that’s a dude u just do not want watchin your back!!!

  2. I've been watching these videos for awhile now and I finally found one I don't like. Man, that music is fucking AWFUL! Please DON'T put that again, I have to mute it and miss the sound because it gives me a headache.

  3. SERIOUSLY 1320 when you have race engines running playing music over it is a foul to a motorhead. The sound of a big cam in rotation is music to our ears. Thumbs down on this video.

  4. I love watching real street racing, Not Race track cars on the street reminds of my Vega Days, I drove it to work everyday and raced it on the weekends

  5. Those shots of Stealth67 pulling up to Skrape by Thrust (just for clarification on which clips) was absolutely sinister. Awesome.

  6. This was the peak of "street racing" it had long gotten way too far over arguements on what defines one?? .. but I was a master of loading a car on an open trailer!! I despise discovery giving money to people that show something that isnt real/fake drama…

  7. I can't for the life of me know why they ran beside the interstate ? Unless this was purposely done to keep pushing on discovery for a show . I figured with this many cars and money you would go to a old corn field pasture road like farm places with black top

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