Street Outlaws Almost Officially ENDED After This Happened… IS IT STAGED?

Here in this video, we go through some of the reasons or ways the very popular Discovery show “Street Outlaws” almost ended. You WON’T believe what happened behind the scenes! This video will expose whether the racing is actually “street racing” as well as what the future holds for the show.

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  1. These shows need to be pulled from the air there what’s fueling the street racing epidemic that’s going on right now and why the EPA is trying to kill motorsports with the clean air act

  2. Personally i like the drama it makes tge show more alive and they dint share times because if they do people can know how to run faster

  3. I have never said anything on the internet but damn shut up lying to get views make an actual real video work hard and stop trying to make money off of lies you know better what would your mother say alive or dead damn bet she would be ashamed of her son I am for her

  4. I've been racing cars since the early '70s! And I've had some pretty fast cars still do! But I did a street race in Long Island back in 88 for some big money! Some knuckleheads showed up with a 5 year old kid in his car! Yep kid got killed! To this day I keep it on the track! If street racing TV shows influence one idiot to go out there and kill a kid!!? It's not worth it! Do your grudge racing at the local track!! We all can do your TV shows and make your money that's cool but not me I don't want to influence no idiots!!

  5. I think it's funny how all people do is like to talk s*** on people specially when they don't even know the real story of their life are what they are doing with them if they decide they want to race cars for a living like I do then let them do it it doesn't matter how we do it as long as we're having fun doing it and we're being safe about it

  6. It's street racing they don't give out time slips on the street. They no prep race also and no prep doesn't show time's and you don't want times show.

  7. Ba ha ha! Where the heck did you get all this b.s. information that's totally inaccurate? This is like 1/1,000,000th of what the whole 16 seasons was about. In 9 minutes. 🤦‍♀️ Are you that desperate for subscribers??? Pathetic. Your drama with this video is worse than any "drama" with one of the best shows ever on the Discovery Channel. Have you actually went to a show? Watched any of the shows on tv?? Or just "reviewed" and guessed at what it was about? Have you ever actually met the guys or know them at all?? There are 332 dislikes on this video for a reason. 🤣 Leave the racing world, man. Seriously. Bubbye.

  8. Lmao. Y'all make these videos and they can't be farther from the truth. Anyone that is half a fan of street outlaws knows the show is still alive and well. It's not going anywheres anytime soon.

  9. DISCOVERY CH. "KILLED REAL STREET RACING" RIP….The 405 was Trashing Pro-mods until the $$$ started rolling in then they all built one? Its a "Cool Show" but you cant SPIT in a REAL STREET OUTLAWS face and walk away…FARM & DUNG are KEEPING IT REAL

  10. Oh no 🙄😢😢so sad always supported on this program street outlaw's go 405 chiff,doc,dady dave,chuck,Monza,Jeff luff,murder nova,rayan, dominators,kamikaze,reaper demon and farmtruk azn good luck to you all for the sucses

  11. There not dragsters lol I admit there hopes up street cars but damm there’s a big difference in a 10 thousand horsepower drag car they drive between 2 and 4 thousand horsepower cars and there’s no rule saying you half to drive your street car to a race I don’t and mine is between 18 and 25 hundred horsepower I mean I could but I don’t there’s reasons you don’t drive it to the race but everyone that dont street race has a opinion on it

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