Here’s a Full Video of the Street Outlaws $200,000 No Prep Race at Thunder Valley Bristol, TN. It was a very exciting show so please enjoy and share. We did the best video we could with such a large crowd and minimum access.

Music By: Gornan Dragas. Check him out on Facebook he does some kickass stuff!

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  1. Birdmans car isn’t a “street car” he needs to build a new car or take that pro mod somewhere else. He only losses if he doesn’t make a clean pass or something brakes.

  2. Look, gangsta shit getting video of just the racing….but you could blow the tires off these other youtube guys if you at least put a few seconds of backstory between both drivers beforehand. Amd also what round? Ill sub right now if you can make it happen

  3. These aren't street cars, and they do not represent the average Joe and grass roots hot rodding. Try driving one of these vehicles on a 250 mile road trip. Watch what happens..

  4. Que linda jornada se pasaron , para disfrutar en familia viendo autos poderosos , rápidos, lindos y pilotos de primera , saludos desde San Clemente séptima región Chile.

  5. Might be a dumb question. But I just don't know. How do they know how they r even b4 take off?? Does guy guiding them just get them close. Or is there a certain light that comes on. I'd love to have been there 4 this bunch of bad ass cars

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