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  1. First!!!!TTVE 🏁🏁🏁🏁👍😎✌️Sim when you decide to do your trip in the future across America, are you planning on hanging out a few days in each area just to meet some of your fans. 👍👍👍

  2. I listened to those podcasts over and over crazy how steve jobs dumped a whole tank of fuel out in the enclosed trailer glad they made it to the car wash

  3. As listener number 666 I have to say that you are right about the Chief and Shawn show being magic.  The road trip stories were the best.  I'll bet that Chief and Jackie have had many crazy road trips that would be great to hear about.  Also, I know that Shawn and Phantom have crazy road trips as well.  Maybe you can get these funny road trips out of them during an interview.  When it comes to 405 versus the world,  after watching the first two NPK races I noticed that every one of the other teams said that the only thing they care about is beating the 405.  All the producers would need to do is add one or two foreign teams to NPK and they would have 405 versus the world.

  4. One of the best was them talking about Fast and Furious. Holly that had me pissing myself. And Cheif doing Boddy's voice 😂🤣😂 TTVE 🇦🇺🤙

  5. I don't think that npk could be done live, the event is too long. But I think they should be aired the week after so maybe people would quit trying to bootleg the event on the internet. The npk show that just aired happened like 5 months ago. Shorten the wait time

  6. Hey sim another great video the chief and shawn show were the best podcast I mean the stories were crazy funny. Man sim I think we found our new cohost Liam is the man he is a natural he definitely has an awesome teacher. O m g is all I could say there's going to be some serious hateraid going down this season all kinds of drama and fighting the rich guys name is Robin Robert's the x 405 that made his own team to beat the 405 along with Chuck 55 but hey it it what it is if every got along we'd,have a perfect world you know what I'm saying 😉 as always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  7. I think they should let the top 10 or 15 in NPK right into America’s List and then have them do a battle for the last 10 or 15 spots on America’s list!!

  8. What they should do with NPK is have the finals on as a live show. Only problem is they would have to do it like a pay per view that goes on for like 4 +hours. They would also have to change the way they run the event because of all the other racing that they do. 7.0 class, small tire class, big tire outlaws, and the invitational big tire.

  9. From what I took from the first NPK event on Monday night is, I kept hearing how much all the teams are going to shoot down the 405 team. Can't wait for blows to be thrown.

  10. Shawn's definitely got the storytelling down too. On 187 Customs videos, whenever he goes into storytime, the whole room stops and Phantom behind the camera takes a seat too. Then Shawn looks at Aiden and is like "what is this? story time? get back to work"

  11. One thing i always questioned with npk is how can you call it street outlaws when they are racing on a track?? Not Hating but it never made much sense to me

  12. I know you are a fan of street race channel. I made it in there video. There latest video from Detroit hood tv ..poor your own puddle . I am the black motorcycle doing a burn out about a minute 50 in.
    Great show sim

  13. Sim I have a question no prep rules is one power additive so is Kye Kelly's car legal since he add that a Mini Turbo that he showed on his YouTube channel

  14. I dont understand the crying over guessing on the light. Are the drivers just supposed to be late on purpose. Wait till green and your late! Brandon james even gave the win to robin Robert's because he tree'd him so bad it was illegal! Pro tree fixes the crying. It's getting to be to much on the latest episodes.

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