Street Outlaw Reaper Last Ride RIP!!

In this video we have James Goad in his reaper ss camaro at his all star no prep race in xtreme raceway in Edinburg, texas. What makes this really sad is due to the fact Reaper and the orange yenko were burned to the ground in a horrific trailer fire. Reaper was driving back home and sparks were shooting out of the trailer so james pulls over to check and the trailer was engulfed quickly from the flames. An extremely sad sight to see after a powerful track session eariler that day. This video shows the reapers last ride down the track and we hope its not the last time the reaper comes out again. For more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. I've watched this guy race on the street and on the track ! his win percentage is about 2% of the time if that ! He's never known how to set up a suspension and this might prevent other Racers and himself from being killed ! I'm glad he's alright but beyond that he needs to stay off the racetrack or have Frankie Taylor teach him how to setup a race car suspension.

  2. Who ever is backing James Goad up obviously don't care whether he is even close to being lined up with the burn out marks,. He did not have a chance on that last run, that is the one I noticed due to I paid attention because of the prior runs unless I am seeing it wrong.

  3. While I am not a racer I do like to see experts do what they do and hate to see the loss of all the hard and expense lost like that at least no loss of talent

  4. Reaper was always a loser in Street outlaws he used to say it’s impossible for others to beat me. Seems like everybody beat him including Shane. Sometimes having a big mouth makes people do the opposite just lose

  5. He used to say no one‘s gonna beat the reaper car everybody beat the reaper car he was a loser from the first day he got on the show. Only thing about him is his wife was very pretty and nice person that’s it

  6. Today’s date July 5, 2021 I challenge reaper to a heads up race 8th mile $20,000 CASH BET let’s see if he has the balls to take my challenge.
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  7. I wondered where Reaper had gotten off to. I hope he gets back soon, I really enjoy watching him run.

    I'm not usually a spelling Nazi, but it's not Faithful night, it's Fateful night. Like the silly candy bar commercial on TV…totally different.

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