STREET OUTLAW NPK RACE #10: Prenup Lays Down A PASS! (Changes We Made Were A Success)

STREET OUTLAW NPK RACE #10: Prenup Lays Down A PASS! (Changes We Made Were A Success)

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Upcoming Events You Will Catch The Car/Team At

Bandimere Speedway: Morrison CO 10/1-10/2
Tulsa Raceway Park: Tulsa OK 10/8-10/9
Texas Motorplex: Ennis TX 10/15-10/16
No Problem Raceway: Belle Rose LA 10/22-10/23
Bradenton Motorsports Park: Bradenton FL 10/29-10/30

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Fan Mail:
Justin Swanstrom
4922 Gall Blvd Zephyrhills Florida 33542

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  1. You look extremely calm and relax in the seat of that monster, keep up the hard work man. It's truly paying off for you. Also congrats to Brian for quitting smoking that is not an easy task.

  2. Congrats to big daddy Brian for not picking up a cigarette for this long. Keep it up. Cameron and the guys at CJRC build that masterpiece you drive and it’s putting in work. Justin, you built a great team around you.

  3. It was good to meet you guys at Tucson Arizona this weekend. I was racing the Ice Cream Van. Can't believe you keep breaking the blower. Well at least you made it to the semi finals on Saturday and finals on Friday.

  4. Justin is a good driver, the car is fast, and the team is cohesive. No reason SG won't be out front next year, if not this year. I think the minor issues with the car this year were really unfortunate. If SG wasn't competitive, you'd hear a lot more from the "peanut gallery." Overall, the nay-sayers are pretty quiet. There were a lot of "negative Nancys" in the comments at the beginning of the season, virtually none now.

  5. LOL, enjoyed watching ya'll do the shenanigans,, enjoying the ride. You get only one chance to participate in this game of life, ENJOY every second fellas.

  6. When you guys fired little PreNup up,, OMG,, sounds very similar to a TF hotrod :),, well, maybe not but I said 'similar'. The PreNup sounds AWESUM,, SwanGang – GO GET YA SUM ya'll!!

  7. DAYMN Justin!! Whada PASS SON! PreNup's do'n his BAD BOY thang, Justin Swanstrom's doing his THANG and the race gets a big 'ol WIN! Atta boy fellas!

  8. Really? You got that "Hell Yeaaaah" from Cleetus and the arm pump from Stevie Fast. Cant you come up with your own?
    does those other Procharger cars need 4 spares? WTF pretty expensive to run a procharger system.
    Between you and Murder Nova, you guys are keeping Proline in business lmaooooooooo

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