Stevie Fast Jackson debuts "Project Ronnie" New Build – Episode 1 – Help Me Choose a Path

Stevie Fast Jackson Debuts his new build project “Ronnie” – Episode 1 – Help Me pick a path and components for this build. Put suggestions and tips in the comments section.


  1. If you love the truck don’t turn it into a burnout truck because sooner than later you will wall tap it into scrap metal. If I was you I would fix the rust and paint it back to its original color and put a the engine of your choice in it but me it would be a blown big block with a 6 or 8-71 blower using electronic fuel injection for street drivability while still keeping the A/C, P/S, Power Brakes etc or if you don’t want a hole in your hood a LSX with a under hood screw blower. Lastly lower it a little but whatever you do don’t c-notch the frame and slam it on the ground because it’s totally pointless and stopid looking and don’t keep the crusty rusty look opps I mean “patina” because you have the cash and know how and know people that can do bodywork and paint. Personally I call the rust crusty patina look a lazy man or a poor man’s excuse for not doing bodywork and painting your car

  2. Just go through the suspension and wiring. Add a screw blown hemi with a linco. Narrowed rear-end with big tires.
    Replace the dual tanks for plenty of fuel for the monster under the hood.
    DO NOT FIX THE BODY. Keep it as it is

  3. I say burn out truck but let it be a project that goes through stages. First stage build something the average wrencher can do then escalate it next season and so on.

  4. Screw blown (insert block of choice), mechanically injected skid machine. I think you like the Hemi, i'd prob go with a BBC cause its cheaper and you want to flog the piss out of it… Don't build a max effort motor, think great oiling and modest stroke, something that will live at 7800-8k for 2 minutes at a time (if your lucky you will get 30-50 sets of tires before major work). Proper Aussie-style burnouts are run against the clock and each competitor gets 2 minutes to accrue max points. The top guys manage rpm according to the pad surface so they blow tires just before 2m. I know Garrett doesn't run things that way yet but in time he will.
    It would be really awesome to see you use your MFI knowledge while having some fun we all get to enjoy too.

  5. I think vehicles like that that stays in the family are cool my stepfather had a 69 GMC and it was rough I did a frame all restoration painted a different color I did a lot of stuff to that truck I put a 383 stroker and I just fixed that truck up kept it in the family and started showing it and it won three trophies and it's better a great deal I know it's hard to do that because of it being your dad's and you want to keep the patina but you be proud of it if you just redone it and put a badass motor in it with a good transmission and limited slit rear end those body styles are hard to come by anyway it'd be cool just to put it back in there and just do it that way that's what I would do personally

  6. If that was my Dads truck, and had your means to do anything with it… I’d put it back to exactly what he had, only like brand new, every nut and bolt. You said yourself he was non conformist and didn’t even want fuel injection. Same engine, ( with discrete sniper fuel injection, shhhh), overdrive trans, better brakes and suspension, same color combo only better quality paint, and a leather comfortable yet stock appearing interior. Take your kids to school in that.

  7. Ridiculous motor and leave it rough sounds fun, but for a while I drove my 76 shortbed with a mild big block and 4 speed, and had an absolute riot. 350hp didnt break a whole bunch of parts and I got 14mpg on the highway pulling a trailer. I drove it almost daily for 2 years until it wiped a cam lobe. Saving up for a big block cam turned into sitting for the last 20 months…..stupid adulting got in the way.

  8. Patina drag week truck but also make it handle one those big slide in campers too (tub the camper to fit). Then do drag week in self contained luxury, no hotels just camping in the race truck at the tracks or campgrounds. That's always been a crazy idea I have wanted to do. Pull the camper out click off a 9 or 10 second pass then load up your "house" and roll out like a boss.

  9. I’ll keep my answer real simple… build a god damn “all in one” truck

    Put a god damn LS or LT👀 motor in that sum bitch and call it a day. One of the cheapest power plants (LS) to make a 1000hp

  10. I think it’d look cool to just fix the rust and try to match the paint and blend it in, the patina look is pretty cool, as far as engines, you are Stevie Fast, so screw blown something. Definitely needs a new seat cushion and cover also.

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