1. If Doc can be in npk then surely a guy with this experience can be in. It would be nice for Ryan to have some competition! Fingers crossed 🤞

  2. They don't know you or your sense of humour Stevie. Lol. Either that or they've got a stick up their ass 24/7.

    Stevie Fast Jackson scared??


    Just keep doing you man!! 👍

  3. The fans and people are what matter nothing else .. what are the hard working , weekly paycheck people traveling an paying to watching ? Show the world a clip of the over flowing amount of people from your last race at NHARA ., then a clip from one, from the last NPK race ..then we can see for ourselves that your in the best racing..

  4. Fans are only thing that matters … How many fans watched NHARA at your last race ? And how many at NPK … And this is why no one knows who Stevie fast is .. they may think Stevie fast is just a jacked up name for a car on NPK .. show us the FANS it's 2021 Bro NHARA is in last place compared to Race week and NPK .. something you might should think about ..

  5. Talkin bout dnt kno how to get in how did Justin get in he built a car and got in why don’t u do the same but in fairness I’d be pissed if I was u but u can’t be mad at no one but urself

  6. I would like to see you run NPK… I really would, I honestly don't think you would fully clean house right away but why I wouldn't want you to run NPK is because after the time it takes you to get it figured out, I would still like to see some of those other drivers win. No death threats here. Good luck Stevie

  7. stevie fast jackson one of the baddest racers on the planet earth … he will race you on a lawn mower .. or in a screw blower monster … makes no difference .. you want it come get it …lolololo lol

  8. You are not the only one that is upset about the rules that seems to be secret for no reason but i know there are some people with connections in the no prep cirkus that works on getting the rules out for everyone to read so i think you soon will be able to see them…👍👊

  9. The way I see it NHRA isn't going to make you famous and put you into syndication. Nobody has the money or the know-how or the generations of family to back them up. To Compete with any of the NHRA top drivers. Which makes it hard for a young kid ever try to want to be an NHRA driver. But a young kid watching TV will get more inspiration by being a no prep driver. Then they'll ever try to chase the NHRA dream. NHRA has lost something through the years. That the no prep Kings is going to inspire a lot more Generations then NHRA. No prep Kings will allow you to be yourself. And have your own fans. No prep Kings is a different way of drag racing. That will be here to stay. It's not about a contract. You have to earn your way in. Not with money that's the way I see it let me know what you think

  10. Keep it up Steve I love the energy and bringing folks to the sport. My NPK interest lead me to really want to learn the chassis side. That lead me to your channel and it so yeah they brought fans to you to!

  11. Man, if you could get a car you’d be successful at. I’ve followed your career a long time, your current race program is what wins races . Your program is like the seal team six of competitive drag racing, I know you’d draw massive crowds! I’d love to see you do NPK 2022!!!!

  12. No prep is for amateurs, doubt they want pro's coming in and kicking their asses. If Stevie Fast won every show how long would the show last. It would be fun for one show, maybe.

  13. Bro u know u r a bad ass driver. I wish they would let u race np. Nobody wants to see shadow on big tires. Ppl r crazy. But i think u made them think about u taking over lol

  14. Don’t you know lil Jussie swan? He was a rvw guy? Idk if you’re friends or enemies of them? They got in, why can’t you? Unless dickscovery is, stonewalling you? I think they know you’re dangerous, and would likely do very well. It would break the drag racing corner of the internet, if you do this!! Pl

  15. I really hope you see this.
    Stevie, if you do go after the No Prep deal, I’d suggest getting ahold of Black Rifle Coffee Company for some sponsorship.
    They’re a veteran owned, roast-to-order online shop with coffee that absolutely donkey stomps Starbucks.
    I’ve been trying to get them more involved in drag racing for years, literally funneling people their way.
    I think they need someone like you to get in front of them and show them just exactly what drag racing is all about, like only you can.
    I think y’all would be a great fit. You both have attitude, like to mix it up, and what’s not to like about guns and coffee!
    Just my two cents man! Keep it up!!

  16. NPK just like NHRA is now a money game. Swanstrom built a fiberglass “ Lexus “ with a pro charged hemi, has never raced no prep or street has won an event and is currently 5th in points. Many of those “ no prep “ surfaces, they’re running 4.0s when it was at least true back half it made more sense to me.

  17. Dude I just signed up for the channel. I signed in for the shit talking. I’ve been involved in racing as long as I can remember and the rivalry that got people in the stands. UBU

  18. LOL It's the Internet Stevie! These guys don't have 15 races in the next 16 weeks to do. They spend their time looking for stuff they can criticize in their browser and youtube.
    I know that money over there looks pretty good…

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