Stevie Fast: Drag Racing vs No Prep

Join Stevie as he travels around Augusta Ga. exploring other sports in his quest to compare the world of Real Drag Racing to the Peewee league No Prep or as we like to refer to it as Slo Prep.


  1. All the butthurt NPK fans are hilarious!!! You guys clearly don't know Stevie or his sense of humour. If you think Stevie is scared of any type if drag racing there is then you DEFINITELY don't know him……AT ALL!

    I'd love to see you mixing it up on the no prep circuit Stevie and you have a motivation to do it now. Show me the MONEY!!!

    Whatever you do just keep doing you man!! 👌

  2. My only problem with No prep is they only go to the 1/8th.. the least little error or malfunction and the race is over. No time to correct or get back in it. Extend it on the the 1/4 and let’s see a race! Run a mf down or a good chase or a 6 second side by side or summin. Shyt!! And then that stupid instant green.. can’t red light. Long as it’s green by the time your back tires cross then you good.. those guys rockin 4000 hp but it only works for 3 seconds……..BLAH! Drop a gear in it and let’s see what it’ll do BO!!

  3. I'm 73 years old. I was drag racing my 55 Olds 88 at 15. Street racing a 62, 409 chevy, roadrunner, Cuda 6 pack, my 421 Catalina, on and on. Racing is racing. According to your logic, you don't run top fuel so your a faker. I went to two Pdra races over the years. It was long, drawn out and boring as hell. I stopped going to Nhra and stopped.

  4. Oh so funny- I am a big fan of the no prep but I couldn't contain myself. I would love to see you get an invite and maybe you could find a way to buy a car to get started. Clearly you are enough character for the show.

  5. In my opinion, as a drag racing fan, I would just love to see the sport, survive! And we can't lie about what NPK has done for drag racing! And street Outlaws in general

  6. Love these "parody" videos you, Justin, Kye and Robin have been doing. Poking fun at each other, lmao. People dont know how tight the Drag Racing community really is and, it`s funny reading through the comments and seeing people get bent out of shape over a joke between friends! Great video!!!

  7. There doing something right your talking about no prep I think no prep is a better show right now i like all racing hope to see you and SG Justin race for 50gs

  8. Interesting how you shit on NPK and SO yet those shows have done more for motor sports in the last 10 years than NHRA has in decades. You ourself talked about low car count over the summer! No prep has guys beating down the door to race for 40K in front of thousands of fans while NHRA is relegated to their races being on FS2 Sunday morning just to fill a time slot .

  9. I get that it's abit of a parody, nhra requires a serious check book and from the outside the bigger the more chance you have at winning , where as npk seem more geared towards trying to keep costs from being able to make the most power in check somewhat , still take just as much skill doing either one with car setup and tuning. I still think the nhra should have a radial Tyre class with similar body rules to npk

  10. Can some one please mic this man up in the pits! I bet he says some wild shit 🤣 and no beeping words out we want that raw uncut real deal Stevie Fast Jackson or let me fallow you around for an event with a bag of popcorn 💪

  11. i like watching the no prep and have even bin to an event. it's was fun. but i used to go to NHRA in Englishtown NJ every year until the track shut down. no comparison… i went to noprep by myself. 3 car loads of us use to go to Englishtown with our dads for fathers day… never missed it. Funny ass video…

  12. My man Stevie , guess you're a little too Young to remember back in the late sixties early 70s NHRA raced no prep surfaces ! There was no such thing as a glued track , no one had ever heard of it seen it or raced on it ! That was some real men that drag raced back in those days ! Don't think anyone ever bad mouth those guys for what they did on the drag strip or on the street ! Back in the late 50s my dad would race anyone anywhere as long as there was money involved , back then racing at the Dragstrip was for Sunday's ! Back in the 50's on the country roads there was no traffic at night, and it was nothing for two guys meet up and race for Cold Hard Cash ! Please don't Bash those guys for what they did it is the roots and history of our sport of drag racing !

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