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Justin Swanstrom
4922 Gall Blvd Zephyrhills Florida 33542

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  1. Awesome to see your crew interaction with the kids. Been watching you for a while now, I'm most impressed with how you have matured with the growth of your channels.
    Be blessed my friend's.

  2. Prenup is moving!! What tickets do i gotta buy to go into the pits and buy shirts and stuff from y’all and meet y’all plan on going to the last race of the season

  3. Great sportsmanship bro it don't matter to as of know if you finish 2nd or 3rd place champion would be great but what matters is next year will definitely be a different ball game with all the new car blues behind you next year's championship is definitely yours to lose and these guys definitely know who Justin Swanstom and the swangang is now

  4. Nothing to be a shame of he just had the better car that day I know you and your team gave it your best and that all you can do and all we can ask of you I for one am very proud of you and your team I know you got one more win this year and if that happens you could be calling yourself Champion it's a little early for that but am never giving up hope for the Swarmgang #1.

  5. @0:54 Big D Brian says "Hey,, all you haters,," we say,, haters PLEEEZE hit that thumbs down if you want,, a thumbs down counts for Justin's YouTube account same as a LIKE so DO IT ! Ohh, and comment too! All of them go toward Justin's making MO MONEY and MO CONTENT. We need to keep the SWANGANG channel popp'n and mak'n hay while the sun's shin'n. 🙂

  6. Hell YEAH,, That lap with tha Bruder Bros was AWESuM! Left together, stuck together like glue all the way out the back door with PreNup eek'n out the W by a nose!

  7. Big Daddy Brian,, "This could be you young fella" Well done Brian, well done indeed because it could be him if he wants it bad enough.

  8. Rd #2, Chuck's got the NEW CAR BLUE's, we HOPE Justin draws him again before NPK 2021 is done 'cause that race will be a different race than last time. Chuck caught Justin off guard that time,, he WILL NOT GET THAT CHANCE AGAIN,, GUARANTEE!
    Rd #3,, Mike Bowman's Chevelle is IMHO the prettiest hotrod at NPK this year AND he's pretty dadgum quik but it doesn't have tha muscle to hang with Justin and his awesum PreNup hotrod. GR8 WIN Justin! Chip draw,, RYAN MARTIN vs Justin Swanstrom,, here we go folks!

  9. @25:19 did ya'll notice the stands? They're PACKED!! Big Country Cory has found some BIG 'n TALL T-Shirts with long tails,, no mo plumbers b*** :)… This is gonna be a race SwanGang fans! Nice lap Justin. You lost gracefully, no excuses and THAT is sportsmanship partner. You're right Ryan is the car to beat and your turn is RITE THERE. Just keep doing what you guy do and you'll put Ryan's beast on the trailer soon,, we know this to be true!!

  10. Hey Buddy, can you try to get Krazy Kyle to film down the side of the car when she’s making a pass so we can tell how much the car is moving around? Thanks buddy,as always keep up the hard work. I’m fighting off this COVID BS right now and hope to make it out to see you and the guys in Dallas. Good luck as always.

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