SNEAK PEAK Tulsa Oklahoma

Behind the scenes in Tulsa Oklahoma Oct 8th & 9th 2021 with Ryan Martin Fireball Camaro of Discovery Channels Street Outlaws, and Back to Back NPK Champion.

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  1. Hello I’m huge fan, I had a chassis 67 nova pride and joy got it to where It worked then it was confiscated because the people I Broght it off 6 years ago apparently didn’t really own it, actually cried for days, have a garage that’s empty and looking to buy some broken parts or similar that I can afford to decorate my empty garage, can you let me know where I can get them something with a story. Thanks best to luck.

  2. Ryan, you’re a first-class guy. It’s cool seeing you interact with B-Rad’s kid, Bobby, etc., and helping others. You’re always considerate.
    Don’t know why but Bobby always cracks me up. He has the funniest comments. He should trademark his line, “I am going to send this bitch…” 😂

  3. 💯 on giving lil dude the bike 💪🏼💪🏼 I’m almost done building my twin turbo monster , not on y’all level but 1 day Gods willing I’ll be lined up next to you … keep an eye out for Andujar Motorsport 💯💪🏼

  4. This is why you are the man. Y’all are awesome and this is why you have so many fans. Your a really good person and it always shows. Good luck in the future on everything y’all do.

  5. I don’t get why people love most of these guys besides a couple like Ryan here there mostly drunk arrogant A-Holes like Justin Swanstrom, and this is a TV show folks think about that, this is a REALITY SHOW since when have any ever been real never there always scripted or manipulated in some way all that should go on behind the scenes is maintenance/repairs on the car and a bunch of folks sitting around waiting on there class to be called to the staging lanes and that about it at the event I used to go to we would always take a grill to cook lunch and dinner but you don’t drink alcohol at the track that’s just something you do not do

  6. Also never see him arguing with haters online or talking shit about other people. Just top class all the way . Was never a huge fan untill YouTube channel to be honest.

  7. Ryan Martin is a he'll of a guy. Loves to see how B-Rads son has the passion for what his dad is doing and helps him out. So he gives him a electric scooter just to show his appreciation and his desire to be home a racer. That's a guy paying it forward. And his team is great also cars always ready to go never have I seen him have to much or any trouble making the call to to water box. Hell of a team.

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