Small Tire No Prep King?

Pedro Garza is the owner of the foxbody mustang which sports a ls based motor with a huge Vortech Supercharger. It is rare for a no prep car to run a vortech but this mustang it works and works well. Hired Help is the name of the mustang and is driven by Daniel Parcher from triangle speed shop from Texas. Hired Help won several small tire no prep races at no prep kings and came in one race short of the championship. The team did start the no prep kings season late. For more no prep racing filming we do follow our social medias at:


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  1. The government does not have the right to cancel any drag racing Church football baseball basketball game do we have inalienable right that can not be infringed upon by the government federal or state

  2. That was funny title of the video because I was about to say unless you beat Tony V you ain't the king of anything but then they beat Tony V got to give him props

  3. Wonder why we've never seen Tony V. On anybody's team for fastest in America. Because besides Brent Self. He is one of the fastest small tires out there… he not??

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