Small Tire Action at No Problem Raceway!

In this video we have the first night of small tire racing at no problem raceway located in belle rose , lousiana. The racers in the video race on a small tire competing for their chance at big money. Some of the racers in the video include the black sheep mafia who recently as a group are tough to beat. Their team leader brent self in his procharged camaro is always a favorite to win the class. Adam Plunkett in his procharged camaro is always a threat to win it as well. But, the locals came out with some fast rides which include caleb mcgill in his turbo coupe running hard and ended up in the finals. We also have the always fast turbo s10 known as bump box. Eventually Caleb mcgill would meet up with redrum. Redrum is driven by david gates who drives a red turbo mustang. Check out the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. That Clyde car got lucky every round until running redrum. Adam would of busted his ass. The only car the it actually could out run was the s10 bump box.

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