SideWinder vs Megatron No Prep Battle!

Sidewinder is a procharged camaro that entered the big tire class at the battle of the Alamo no prep event in san Antonio texas. He took on the always fast megatron twin turbo mustang that sports a proline motor. This race took place in the first round of big tire and it didn’t disappoint. Megatron had lost a window again the night before and also had won the big tire cash days the night before. So, megatron came in the big tire class in a small winning streak. Sidewinder wasn’t going to lay down for megatron so check out the race and see how well they did. For more real no prep racing, no sharing of no prep with no knowledge of no prep, this is the first hand accounts of no prep follow our social medias at:


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  1. You gotta respect a guy thats mixing it up with the big dogs that has a ratty ass small block with a little supercharger. Im sorry i always root for the underdog.

  2. What ever happened to cash days is the Discovery channel to lazy to record them now days they'd rather make dumbass shows like naked and afraid or slowest cars in the dirty south

  3. I've never seen a new Dodge charger racing I get they're heavy and four door but still they look nice and you can put 5000hp into anything if you got the money

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