Should I Get This? Lifted 2021 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro in Magnetic Gray Metallic

In this video I showcase a 2021 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro in Magnetic Gray Metallic. The deal wasn’t bad… but it left me with a few compromises being made.

1. Not my favorite color
2. Cheap lift kit
3. Giant wheel spacers
4. Fuel Wheels are meh… I prefer the TRD BBSs
5. 2022 Sequoia TRD Pros are hitting the lots now…
6. No TRD catback exhaust

What are your thoughts? Should I have pulled the trigger for a high 60s deal? Or should I continue to aim for a Raptor or TRX?

Thanks for watching as always!

-Stay Untamed…


  1. Pass. Too many compromises. I love the color but the cheap lift kit, giant wheel spacers, no TRD catback exhaust, and no TRD BBS wheels are deal breakers. Especially for that price.

  2. It looks great at first, but then, I would never build one this way. Much better to do a Westcott kit and stick with the BBS Forged. I love the MGM though. My tundra TRD Pro is MGM and I absolutely love it. Looks amazing clean and dirty!

  3. I’m on a wait list to get a trd pro lunar rock sequoia (at msrp) and looking at the wescott lifts and some bigger rubber. You think I can fit 285/70r18 tires on it without rubbing? That’s about a 34”. Or 33” max?

  4. Thanks for the video hope you and your family are well I don’t do mark ups I don’t do wheel spacers and don’t do black lifts just do my tundra pro what all icons suspension 3.0 upfront remote reservoirs 2.5 bypass shocks in the back what’s a remote reservoirs with their leaf pack small fortune a very nice have a blessed day in anybody I put a 20,000 markup isn’t right🤣

  5. Love my trd pro sequoia. The only things I don't like is it could use more USB ports and also at night some of the buttons don't light up, like window adjustments. It's like a truck version of a Sienna. Lol. Love the space

  6. Absolutely do not buy that. If it were stock and MSRP I would say buy it all day long. DO NOT PAY MARKUP. I agree with most of the comments below. The lift and spacers are not good. You don't put that stuff on a $65k truck.

  7. I got it you’re a car guy and you like to wheel and deal and get new cars but getting a Sequoia and that you sold your Land Cruiser it’s like comparing the New York Yankees to your local high school baseball team. It’s a completely different class a vehicle. You would be going from the most prestigious iconic vehicle ever made and recognized around the world to a prehistoric gigantic Mall cruiser. It’s very nice don’t get me wrong but no comparison between A. Land Cruiser. and a Sequoia

  8. I’ve always hated the rear rake on these 2nd Gen Sequioas. They all have it, lifted or not, it’s weird lol.

  9. Agree on the steps you're not boujeee lol. As for the fuels, aside from a few designs fuels suck. They are like an affliction shirt in metal form lol

  10. $$$$ 🤯 it is gorgeous, mainly because of the lifting . Sooo overpriced though! I do love Mag Grey! ⭐️👍 Thanks for sharing.

  11. This is the same color as on my Tacoma SR5. Just like you said, well taken care of Magnetic Grey vehicles look stunning and I make sure to do my part and take care of it. I detail my truck every two weeks and wax it every three months to make sure it always looks good. As a result, it still looks new and every so often I'll get a nice compliment on it. However, it was not my first choice. I really wanted to get either Quicksand, Cavalry Blue, Voodoo Blue, or Cement Grey but those colors are virtually nonexistent. So, I had to make do with what they had. I'm not too worried because I went and ordered a new Ford Maverick in the beautiful Area 51 color that I've wanted. No compromises this time.

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