Shop Talk With Shawn! Tearing Down The Car, Discussing NPK, and the Future of the Car! Big Changes!

Tearing down the NPK car for a new paint job and discussing the future of the NPK Murder Nova!

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  1. Wings add down force which creates drag. Drag slows you down. If you can get traction on the big end without a wing, then adding a wing does nothing but slow you down. It's not a road course where a wing is useful to increase your lateral Gs at speed and keep you planted in curves. It's a balancing act going in a straight line. Need just enough down force to maintain traction and not a Newton more to maximize speed.

  2. Glad good ole cletus made me find your videos. Hope to see you do more stuff with him hell ya brother cant wait to see this car run in them deep three's. Hope to see some bomb paint job on that car

  3. Love seeing you at the track the fans will live that more as well. Hope to see some good merch set ups at the races. Im here to see this channel grown and blow up to the max.

  4. I have to say that Shawn and Phantom get a lot of work done to just be a 2 person team I don’t know who all you guys have coming in and helping out on the car but you guys are getting it done I know Shawn’s Dad helps out a lot and Aiden helps when he can

  5. I crashed a bike in the staging lanes at Desoto. Left lane. The throttle stuck wide open after the burn out and Johnny turbo had not left yet so I threw it down and it was not fun. And I got yelled at…. lol. I had a dislocated shoulder and a broken coler bone and a few other things. But still got yelled at. Lol

  6. There's a common theme in racing someone opens up there wallet ,,,,,starts handing out ass whipping,,,,,,,,then everyone else pulls out they're wallet and the whole field goes faster and faster,,,the machinists are working they're asses off,,,,and that's racing,,,,I'm gonna build another hot rod ,,,I just have to be patient with it because it can get out of control quick

  7. What drives me nuts is seeing you guys not up in first or second cuz you got the driving skills and your car has the power to do it. Just shit luck. All the best to y'all in the races to come

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