She Bought Another What?

A lot of new things have been going on this month for me. After running into issues with the 302 sbf that came in my foxbody I decided to buy Zack’s old 347 that came out of his car and put AFR 205 heads on it. I knew I was going to need more space once I got my corvette back from Lucore and I’m glad I did. Once we had the old engine out we were better able to see what was going on with the strut towers…Rust. Clear down the drivers side, onto the frame and floors. At that point I was pretty bummed. The next morning when Billy opened facebook Schoolboys old car popped up in his main feed as For Sale. We figured it was meant to be and took off to Wisconsin.

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  1. What I love about Molly is the overall look in her eyes and face. She is truly doing what she wants to do and what she loves. If we all could be that content and happy with what we do in life what a truly blessed young lady.

  2. Hey Molly I LOVE those fox body mustangs I am a blue oval boy all the way I had an 86 and 89 I drag raced the both had fun putting those chevys and mopars on the trailer πŸ˜€I would love to have an 85 last year for the 4bbl with a 5speed and t tops black BADASS 😊

  3. Put some clothes on girl act respectable. You're gonna bring all the perverts out of the woodwork I mean is that what the channels about now? Stick to the cars and racing. Can't believe Billy is cool with this and the only fan's crap

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