Shawn Adds An Old Friend Back To His Fleet! Plus Shop Talk With Daddy Dave

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An old friends returns home and @Daddy Dave Racing comes over to bs!

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  1. Glad to see the ManVan home where it belongs. That thing is a Beast. And man it sounds so bad ass. Thanks for the video keep up the awesome job y’all.

  2. Every fan of the the show knows cheif may be the big name and we all like him of course but we all know the OG is what put the show on the map. If not for the OG street outlaws would have been a dud prob and their would be no npk today or any Memphis stuff or anything else that came from street outlaws. Def is a iconic car. 🎤 drop!

  3. Hot damn I'd love to daily this bad mamma-jamma! I sure as hell would too lol right now I'm daily driving an 08 yukon denali 6.2L awd with some upgrades and she grabs and goes you fellas are right there's something different about a heavy ass big suv that's 14yrs old that takes down a brand new hemi charger or scatpack charger like they're in reverse lol then ya flip your heated seats on and put in a movie 😝🤣🤣🤣👊💪👌


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