Shakedowns from some of the baddest big tire and small tire cars at Carolina NT “No Prep All Stars” here at Piedmont Dragway. Watch as some of the fastest from Street Outlaws, No Prep Kings, and more get ready for the $25k Big Tire race and Small Tire race for Saturday!!!!!


  1. Good Grieffffff Spoold Media……another great vid… that announcer saying, "Man, he done run over a chicken or something" with the Paul Powell Performance Mustang pass… I'm telling ya, those boyz in NC have some fast stuff…..

  2. Swangang is my team pulling for them I don't know as much as them for sure we have ran some quick 8 stuff always had some bad hotrods just looks to me they r over powering the tire been watching the GoPro on there runs the chassis is washing a little much for me but give them hell boys 330 on looks like it's worse but what the hell I know

  3. I Didn't Realize How Nice Bill Lutz Camaro Is Until Yesterday And A Top End Camera Would Have Been Some πŸ”₯ Video At This Event To!! πŸ’ͺπŸ‘

  4. They didnt show results but the Weldin dude with the RX7 won small tire and B Rad won Big tire. Ever get the chance to see B Rads car its got the biggest tunnel ram runners ever literally the size of a Beer cans

  5. Guys like Larry Larson & Jeff Lutz are the top car guys still in the game & deserve to go down that way too. They build all their own shit,started from the bottom working to get where they're at. Shit they built 10yrs ago still fast & RELIABLE! Can bet anything those 2 guys build will be fast & show up every time out. They don't struggle for long if they do. Give them shit bout anything on what they're running beating everyone with,welp they'll say fuck you & build another car go above & beyond so no crybabies can complain then be nothing but fast & consistent! Not to mention both very down to earth cool easy goin guys. No big egos or bragging ahh a rare dying bread!

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