SEMA Donk Tear Down Part 2: Final Disassembly With The 3 Stooges

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Shawn and the 3 stooges finish tearing down the 1975 Caprice in preparation for SEMA 2021!

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  1. Morons school for the three studges… you guys are the best… keep doing your thing brothers. I wish every kid had these kinds of opportunities…

  2. man the first season of street outlaws seeing Shawn, chief, and flip hanging out, messing around all day. is what drew me into this whole deal. reminded me of being these boys age, always having a friend close by. they don't know how happy of memories there making yet

  3. Shawn you hit the nail on the head thats all any of want better for our kids. I got 3 boys and until you said what you said about them getting on each other and arguing thats all they do and like you I'm your just like stop it. Man I love watching you guys and the fact that you guys have made it about family. You guys be blessed

  4. when i was a mechanic, i wished our apprenitices had the work ethic of dalton and braydon, teaching them was easy, getting them to actually work for a full day was the hard bit, most of them were expectng to go home @ 3:30 when their school day had finished

  5. You and your wife did just fine with your son. He is growing into a fine young man. And the boys will always enjoy working on cars and spending time learning stuff. This is stuff they will always look back on when they get a little bit older.

  6. Man Mr. Murder Nova, you seem like a great dad!! I am a dad and very proud of it!! And I agree with you! I have been into cars all my life. But my son no way. I have tried, but no go. He likes politics!!

  7. Loved the fact that they want to be involved. Shawn is a great dad. Now to you guys..Are Yall ok and healthy? Other channels are giving details and guessing about what's going on with the OG. This moron would much rather hear this from you guys. Even if there 5 min updates. I know that Yall are busy and filming starts next week. But your fans and subscribers are MISSING You guys and the updates. Give us some crumbs. Say hi. Hell say kiss my ass. Just say something. Let us know what's going on. Hopefully the Moron Nation will hear and get something.

  8. I grew up around wrenching out of necessity as we couldn’t afford new, as I got older I’ve always enjoyed doing it but never had someone that really was into building a race car or something fast, but I’ve always wanted to. I think it’s awesome what you doing for them kids letting them get their hands dirty and to have y’all’s knowledge of race cars just makes it that much sweeter.

  9. I got a 14 year old and he ain’t really race car, maybe he will be one day but I just want to prepare him to be a good human number one and successful at whatever he chooses to do

  10. I have done the same thing with my son let him be a kid and now he is a total car nut. He has modified his Volvo 850 turbo by his self and with his buddies I just sit back and let them do their thing unless they are doing something unsafe. He just got his first big project car that he is doing his self. Makes a dad proud that he has learned something from me. Keep up the good work

  11. Everything you are talking about is 100% the same for me and my Son …. I grew up just like you hanging out in the shop learning and working on cars! still have my first car (got it at 14) its came from a bare frame to a all self done 8 sec street / strip car after 26 years …….. let my kid be a kid till he started wanting a car at 14 I gave him a 64 Buick Skylark …. rolling chassis but he has to do all the work to finish it (with my help!) I felt like I should have made him pay more attention after he started trying to work on his hot rod….. but he is coming around and we are just about finished with his first full motor rebuild! someday I'm sure he will be able to do it all on his own ! till then I will enjoy helping, teaching, and giving him and his friends shit every chance I can! lol good stuff man!

  12. I owe a lot working in my dad’s shop, at times he didn’t want me there but at the same time he wanted us there helping out. I could have been out with my friends every summer but I wanted to be there to learn stuff, I wouldn’t be who I am because of the stuff I learned while being there. When I have kids I want them to be a kid at the same time teach them just the basics on working a car to learn from there on.

  13. Ditto our story/struggle is kinda like yours too been thought about taking all that crap out of his room too but my 17 yr old isn't following me he went down his mom's route. You all relate with more people then you think keep this shit up

  14. You and your wife are doing a wonderful job with your son Aiden. There's nothing wrong with letting him be a kid first and as he gets older he'll want to be more like you…I mean if you think about it who doesn't won't to Drag race for a living or at least for fun.

  15. The more Aiden works on his hot rod and gets to Drag race his car after doing a lot of work to it he will experience and see that all his hard work pays off. That will help Aiden keep his interest in hit roding. The more work you put in your hot rod the more fun you will have and experience…your doing a great job murder nova God bless you all.

  16. I got to ask is that the style still with one ear out of the hat and one in I figure the flat bill shit would run it’s chores by now my dude anyways cool build guys

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