SEMA Donk Part 4: SEMA CRUNCH IN FULL SWING! Coming down the to the wire. May or May Not Make It!

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We had just a couple days in between races here to work on the donk to make sure it made it to SEMA. A lot got done in those few days!

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  2. 🇺🇸 "Damn, were in a tight spot" Phantom sneaking in funny movie lines again haha. That trans should work great for that big ass car, but weight is sign of reliability🇺🇸

  3. all the way back on tranny shifter is low all the way to the front is park monkey had it right please put the dowels on the tranny jack before you get those kids hurt very bad when it falls off and breaks a expensive piece

  4. I love your videos, it's all man shit here, even though I personally think putting giant rims on a classic is just as blasphemous as turning a 4×4 truck into a lowrider but hey it's your money and the respect I already had for you has grown as u are a father to you kids and their friends meanwhile chief is busy making videos with Jackie, completely ditched his family for jackie and in all his new videos he seems like he is on drugs lost alot of respect for him, I can totally see why yall ain't friends anymore

  5. I love how you got your whole family helping on it. That blue is so good looking on it already and the body panels are not painted yet. Can't wait to see it done.

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